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Smeatons with Hornby Parish Council holds meetings in the back room of Great Smeaton Village Hall on the last Tuesday of the month starting at 7.30 pm prompt.


The Parish Council is your first line of contact for services provided by North Yorkshire Council.
We can and will act on behalf of the whole of the community and as a result may well achieve more that a resident acting as a single voice.


They were either elected or co-opted. They are appointed to help you and to improve the Parish for the benefit of the residents. Discuss with him/her your thoughts on how the Parish might benefit from any changes or additional services you consider should beprovided. The names of your Parish Councillors are shown below .

Ralph Goodchild

Chair & Great Smeaton Councillor

John Evans

Vice Chair and Great Smeaton Councillor

Paula Spence

Great Smeaton

Scott Ferrie

Hornby Councillor

Craig White

Little Smeaton Councillor


The Hornby, Great Smeaton and Little Smeaton Parish Plan has been prepared by the residents of the three villages to record their views of the community and to act as a voice in influencing any future decisions which affect our area.

The desire for a Parish Plan was established at a very well attended Villages Meeting on 19 November 2007 following which a group of volunteers agreed to become the Steering Committee, undertaking to present The Parish Plan in May 2009. After further consultations the Questionnaire was compiled from the frequently raised topics at the Villages' Vision Day in May 2008. This was delivered to every resident of school age and over and generated a superb 85% response, so a big thank you there. The percentages quoted are based on those responding to the Questionnaire.
See the full parish plan here

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