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Minutes Parish Council Meeting 31/1/2023

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Minutes of Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 31st January 2023 at Great Smeaton Village Hall
Present: R Goodchild, P Spence, J Evans, R Thomas, S Watson & 1 Member of the Public.

1. Apologies

C White, S Ferrie, A Wilkinson, G Tuer

2. Minutes

Minutes were agreed.

3. Crime report

Received. One issue reported in Great Smeaton (violence against a person)4. Matters Arising -

4. Public Open Space and Recreation Plan

Two of the three proposals are now in place
(benches and interpretation boards). The third allocation of funding which amounts to
£2960.00 is suggested for childrens play equipment.
Discussions are still ongoing as to how this money could be spent.

Community Infrastructure Levy – Smeaton with Hornby Parish Council now have a fund
totalling £13,569.55 that can be used to enhance the public areas in the Parish. It is
proposed that this could be also used to help with the childrens play area, combined with
the Public Open Space and Recreation Plan funding. Discussions are still on-going with
Great Smeaton Primary School to investigate the potential of a joint play area.

Speeding- The speed survey has now been undertaken and the results have been
provided by Highways. They show that although a high percentage of vehicles are
travelling throughout the villages at speeds in excess of 30mph, it is not enough for
Highways to action. It has been suggested that members of the public do report cases of
speeding through the villages so that there are records to aid the argument for action to be
taken. We have now received a £3500 discretionary grant to aid with the purchase of a
speed activation sign.

It was suggested that a 30mph sign should be placed by 'The Hollies' property. Cllr
Watson will look into rules and regulations with regards to the siting of the VAS sign and
other warning signs and will advise accordingly.

As a Parish Council, we support the '20 is Plenty' campaign. Cllr Watson will investigate
whether this will be possible in Great Smeaton.

Parish Council Notice Board – Cllr Spence has investigated into the supplier of the Village
Hall notice board, so that we could invest in a matching one. This was actually made by a
former Parishioner using funding from Curtain Up Productions (CUP's). The notice board
was actually made to be large enough to be shared between the Village Hall and The Parish
Council. Cllr Thomas will speak to the Village Hall Committee Chair to clarify this.
Craig White, Chair of the Parish Council Claire Copeland, Clerk to the Parish Council
Communication – The website is almost ready to go live. Cllr Spence will proof read and
advise of any errors before it is officially launched. Cllr Evans thanked Cllr Thomas on
behalf of the Parish Council for his hard work and dedication into bringing the website to

The Parish Council agreed on the domain '' which would
need to be registered. Cllr Thomas will do this and costs will be reimbursed by the Parish
The next newsletter is due for publication in February. All contributions need to be
submitted to Cllr Thomas by 15th February. The newsletter will be also be distributed via
email by the Vicar.

5. Planning Applications

Works to trees in a Conservation Area – The East House, Great Smeaton (Ref:
22/02677/CAT) – GRANTED

(there is an additional application that has been granted – Ref 22/02706/DDD, with regards
to a report by an arborist recommending that tree reference T20 (Birch) is felled due to
being in poor condition. This was submitted and approved on the 23rd November 2022.
Works to trees subject to a TPO – The East House, Great Smeaton (Ref: 22/02658/TPO) -

Remove or reduce the height of a sycamore tree in a conservation area- The Green, Great
Smeaton (Ref: 22/00078/CAT) -(No observations, if not in breach of TPO) – ONGOINGListed building consent for the construction of 3 dwellings – Land adjacent to The East

House, Great Smeaton (Ref: 22/00163/LBC)- (No observations) – ONGOINGOverflow Pond – Thorpe Farm, Great Smeaton – Appeal, (currently being investigated by
The Planning Inspectorate) – ONGOING

Modification of Condition 3 (Drainage) from Previously Approved Application – Land South
West of Smeaton East Farm, Great Smeaton (Ref: 22/01074/REM) – GRANTED. An update to this application is that the builder has withdrawn from the project. Cllr Evans
has issued the following statement:- 'In a recent conversation with Ron Starkie, the MD of
Clarion Homes, he informed me that the builders were taking no further part in the joint
venture with the developer of the land at East Farm. He further added that he had no
knowledge of how the project would now progress and that at the time of conversation, I
was the only person outside of the Company with this information'.
Installation of Electric Gates to Driveway Entrance, Verum Sui, Hornby (Ref: 22/02278/FUL)


Craig White, Chair of the Parish Council Claire Copeland, Clerk to the Parish Council
Application for outline planning permission with all matters reserved for 1 dwelling – Land
to the South of Craig Isla, Long Lane, Hornby – (No observations) – ONGOINGConversion of redundant barn to form two dwellings – Barn Adjacent to Bon Le House,
Little Smeaton (Ref: 22/02668/FUL) – REFUSED

Works to a Sycamore Tree in a Conservation Area, St Eloys Church, Great Smeaton (Ref:
23/00148/CAT) – NEW

Application for the Modification of Condition 4 of Previously Approved Application – Land
North and East of Chapelgarth, Long Lane, Hornby (Ref: 22/02912/MRC) – NEW6. Finance

6. Finance

Cheques Signed Off

7. Correspondence


8. Any Other Business

Dog Mess – A complaint has been raised by one of our Parishioners about the amount of
dog mess in Great Smeaton. This is obviously unacceptable and action will be taken to try
and solve the problem. Cllr Spence will forward information about fines etc to Cllr Thomas
for inclusion on the website. Cllr Watson will source some warning signs to display around
the villages.

Footpaths – Another concern has been raised about the public footpath sign at the
entrance to Thorpe Farm being removed. Cllr Goodchild will investigate and report.

Layby Parking – A Parishioner has expressed concern about the 'Please do not Park Here'
signs that have been sited in the layby/hardstanding by the former East Farm properties.

The hardstanding is used frequently for parking, especially by carers to one of our
residents, and this has caused upset and inconvenience to them. Cllr Evans will investigate
this further and will try and resolve the issue.

9. Date of next meeting – 19.30, Tuesday 28th February 2023, Great Smeaton Village Hall

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