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And We Have Our Winners

Many thanks to all who attended the Quiz last night...and to Julian for supper. Hoping you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Congratulations to The Owls for running out Winners... I will try to find a subject they don't know much about for my next quiz!....and finally my nomination for the noisiest team goes to....The Four Tops, well actually just two of them!
Regards, Frosty
Posted By Frosty 12th April 2023, 11:18


Mid April Wildlife Update

I'm afraid it has been a rather uninspiring start to the month for our wildlife, due no doubt to the predominantly cool and showery conditions which have prevailed. Has anybody seen any butterflies yet? I know of only three sightings so far this month, of a Small Tortoiseshell, a Peacock and a probable Small White, but there must surely have been some more. Has anybody seen a Brimstone or a Comma yet? In a similar vein our migrant birds seem to have been rather slow to arrive this year, although there are now plenty of Chiffchaffs singing away around the parish. This is always the first of our summer visitors to reach us. Next to arrive is usually the Swallow and our first one was reported on 8 April. However I have heard of only one other sighting so far since then. Are there any more around? One lucky person had a Blackcap visiting a garden bird feeder which was unusual. The next migrant warblers to arrive should be a Willow Warbler or maybe a Whitethroat, but these are hard to spot unless you know their songs. Look out for that first House Martin too swooping low over your roof tops. These also tend to arrive between now and the end of the month. If we get a warmer spell of weather, the pace of change should liven up a bit. So keep your eyes and ears open and let me know what you have seen.

All the best John.
Posted By John Edwards 15th April 2023, 14:53


Developers Pull Out of East Farm Housing Development

An update to this application is that the builder has withdrawn from the project. Cllr Evans
has issued the following statement:- 'In a recent conversation with Ron Starkie, the MD of
Clarion Homes, he informed me that the builders were taking no further part in the joint
venture with the developer of the land at East Farm. He further added that he had no
knowledge of how the project would now progress and that at the time of conversation, I
was the only person outside of the Company with this information'.
Cllr Robin Thomas
Posted 16th March 2023, 14:04


Mid March Wildlife Update

March has been a bit on the nippy side so far, despite a few milder interludes. We even had a bit of the increasingly rare 'white stuff'. Our garden birds have reacted accordingly, with some impressively high peak counts during the colder periods. Two people saw a new species for the first time in their garden. I have also witnessed some rather unusual bird behaviour which I have never seen before. A couple of people have reported some very early caterpillar finds and we have had our first Fox and Stoats of the year spotted. Thank you to those who have already sent me photos – there have been some nice ones. I will give full details as usual in the newsletter at the end of the month. If there is anything you would like me to add, please let me know.
John Edwards
Posted By John Edwards 15th March 2023, 14:59


Dog Mess

The Parish Council would like to bring it to everyone's attention that we will not tolerate Dog Mess left around the Parish, we have had lots of complaints of late regarding this and we are getting as many people involved to name and shame and report as this is a fixed penalty fine and if continued can result in a court case with a fine up to £1000. Please if they Poo pick it up
Cllr. Paula Spence
Posted By S&H Parish Council 17th Feb 2023 ,11.30


Mid-February Wildlife Update

Mid-month yet again – where have all the days gone?
That's easy for me to answer, as we were away from home early this month, so at this stage I will not be able to contribute very much to the next newsletter! I am very much hoping therefore that other people will be able to step in to fill this void! So, does anybody have any interesting sightings or observations over the last couple of weeks please? I have already been sent one or two snippets suggesting that spring is beginning to creep in on some of the sunnier days, so this could well be one of my themes for the next newsletter. Anything to add? Any frogs out and about yet? Any Bumblebees out there bumbling around?
Over to you
All the best
John Edwards
Posted By John Edwards 15th Feb 2023, 14:59


Albania at the Village Hall with Veronica

Had you ever considered Albania? No, I hadn't previously either. So why don't you come to the Village Hall on Tuesday 21st March at 7pm and let Veronica share her experiences of Albania with you with an illustrated talk? There will also be a vegetarian supper as well. I will be there. Tickets £7.50 each, please ring Christine on 01609 881679 or contact by email on to book.
This is a bit cheeky, but does anyone have a digital projector we could borrow for the talk? Contact us as above if you do.
Simon Jones
Posted By GS Village Hall 15th Feb 2023, 4.22pm


Village Green in a mess

It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that areas of the Village Green have been damaged due to people driving on them. Can we please ask all residents and visitors to stick to the tracks as these Greens belong to East House and the upkeep of them is with the Parish Council. At this time of year they are so wet they are easily damaged and do not recover well.
Thanks for you cooperation.
Cllr. Paula Spence
Posted By S&H Parish Council 3rd Feb 2023 ,15:19


Mid-January Wildlife update

Good Morning All, It's mid- January already! Has anybody seen much this year yet? The weather it has to be said has not been very enticing, with a lot of wind and rain perhaps making country rambles less than attractive. However we are now set this week for a run of sunny cold days, perfect for getting out and about, so why not venture forth and see if you can find something interesting? So far we have recorded a total of 43 species of birds, with a movement of Pink-footed Geese over the parish a week ago probably being the highlight. The only mammals reported to me this year have been Rabbit, Hare, Grey Squirrel, Badger and Mole – so there is a long way to go there! Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary with your garden birds in recent weeks? One of the striking things for me so far has been the low numbers of finches coming to the feeders compared with a 'normal' December/January period. Has anybody else noticed the same by any chance? Also is anybody thinking about taking part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch over the weekend of 27-29 January. If you are, are happy to share your results anonymously, and there are enough of us, I could maybe do a summary for this month's newsletter as I have done for the past couple of years. Please let me know in advance though to give me enough time to pull it all together at the end of the month. Also keep your eyes open for any early signs of spring. With all the mild weather we have been having so far this winter, our wildlife will have been getting a bit confused. We have had reports of Hedgehogs out and about over the Christmas period which is pretty crazy. When will the Frogs be back in our garden Ponds. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes
John Edwards.
Posted By John Edwards 15th Jan 2023, 11:21

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